Friday, January 4, 2013

Smoothies Give You Super Human Powers!

I wanted to get a quick post out and tell you about my newest kick, juice and vegetable smoothies! Now there is a lot of hype about using juice to detox your body. Since this is a quick post I don't want to get into the pro's and con's of detoxing your body this way but I do want share with you the reasons why I think that turning your fruits and veggies into a smooth drink is a great idea.

First, it's easier to digest! goes on to talk about the benefits of drinking a smoothie.
"Drinking a smoothie can potentially be better than eating solids if your smoothie is full of delicious and health-promoting fruits and vegetables You can also add healthier items like kale or flaxseed meal that you may not otherwise eat in the solid form"
So what is a man on the road to better health going to put into his smoothie? What ingredients where going to be effective? A recent article  by Chuck Norris himself points out that studies show that eating celery releases pheromones in men. Add to that Men's Health magazine quotes Alan Hirsch, M.D., author of Scentsational Sex as saying.

"When you chew a stalk of celery, you release androstenone and androstenol odor molecules into your mouth. They then travel up the back of your throat to your nose. Once there, the pheromones boost your arousal, turning you on and causing your body to send off scents and signals that make you more desirable to women." 

Even a happily married man like me can see the benefits of this. Don't get me wrong there are other health benefits of celery but come on, this one seems way cool'er! Next comes ginger! In the past month I have been doing research on the benefits of adding Ginger to your diet. A study at Maastricht University, Netherlands found that ginger has fat burning and metabolism accelerating properties. Added to that Ginger has been also found to contain satiating properties.
Next came a little water and for sweetness a bit of Splenda. I also decided to add some Metamucil fiber to the mix to assist in digestion. I can't give Psyllium fiber enough praise. It really helps your body process things and it also added a nice orange taste to my smoothie. 

So there you have it, a quick and easy way to consume your veggies and at the same time adding the ability to accelerate digestion. Although the court is still out on this, this formula could have the potential of giving  you super human women attracting powers! (Seems like a great addition to the Testosterone raising abilities of oysters) Foolish? Maybe, no matter what turning your fruits and veggies into a smoothie is a good idea.