Wednesday, April 17, 2013

WARRIOR CONDITIONING UPDATE: Small Steps Lead To Big Accomplishments

Any day you get an opportunity to exercise is a good one in my book!

The Warrior Conditioning program that I have been going to mixes things up every other class/week/month. Right now we are focusing on strength.  Today's session started out with a good run. Sadly, I was slower then normal due to a sprained ankle but still was able to complete the trek in an acceptable amount of time. I guess that I will have to tape myself up for this weekends Rugged Maniac North Carolina race.

For the past two sessions we have been working with Kettlebells. Most of my past weight training has been with old school things like free weights but this method is so much better! I am just getting used to the process but can clearly see how using them improves your over all strength. I'm not up to the level that my old schoolmate Mike French is up to (20 mile Kettlebell walk) but again, it's all about small steps.

Miss Heather introduced rope climbing to the training program today! Just like jump rope, which we also did today, rope climbing isn't something that I have a lot of experience doing. I have been more of an on the ground, bull like person. Anyways, I made an honest effort with the rope. The good news is that there is lots of room for my rope climbing skills to grow. If you are looking to improve your rope climbing skills or add it to your own workout routine check out the blog "How to Climb a Rope Like a Navy SEAL".

Speaking of jump rope, I am getting a lot better at it. Don't look like a school girl anymore!