Thursday, June 13, 2013

LUNCTIM RUN: Conditioning Your Knees For the Long Runs

Today's lunchtime run (5k) was productive. I wasn't able to get the time that I wanted but was able to keep the my goal pace for the first two miles. After that my feet and lower legs started to hurt so I figured it would be in my best interest to slow it down a bit. They probably still sore from this weekends 15 mile run and 15+ mile hike. 
I am still a novice runner. Up until about a year ago I was still in the "do what ever needs to be done to complete the race" mode. Now I am focusing more on energy management, training and running theory. "A Beginner’s Guide to Running" from has some great points on the right running techniques and foot placement. Even REI has a "Running Basics" page that outlines everything that you need to know. So for now my main focus is strengthening my knees and core. All in preparation for a full Marathon run!