Friday, June 21, 2013

The Beat Goes On! Finding your Chill-State.

Music is the key man! (Insert Hippie voice). I was sitting at my favorite local coffee shop this morning and after I was done messing with my phone, unnecessarily checking emails,  I sat. Well I just didn't sit, not in the general sense. I "chilled".

I guess we all have a different definition for this enchanted state. For me it was just sitting, drinking coffee and simply listening to the music that was playing. It was a focused listening where you could hear each instrument individually and at the same time feel the entire song.  Where your dazing off looking at something but at the same time are completely unfocused. Kinda like your not there. (Wooooo-eeeee-woooo)

I could get a weird on you and say you reach an altered state or something but that might not be your thing. For some it could be reading a book, meditating, a brisk walk or something completely different. It doesn't matter what makes up your chill state.

For some unknown reason my mission today was to simply remind someone to visit it their chill-state. Best of all I have no idea who that is! So whoever you are, please find it and if you have a moment please let me know what it consisted of.

Is my cup empty or is it a vessel that has an opportunity to become full again?