Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Today was a Slip-n-Slide workout:

Had a busy and eventful morning but was able to squeeze in Warrior Conditioning Class with MH.  We started out with a mile sprint that I was able to keep it under 9 minutes. I am working on getting it under 8. After that we moved back to the Dojo and started some CrossFit inspired kettle bell upper body workout stuff. Near the end MH had us do this cool exercise that was plank based. Basically you were in plank and then you kicked out a leg and go up on your fingers in various sequences. I really liked it but I kept on slipping on the mat (lot of sweat).

This mornings weigh-in was good. Only 2 lbs from my next milestone. For me a mile stone is every 10 lbs. My original goal had me at one more mile stone for a total of 12 more lbs to loose. Will decide what I want to do after that.  I have been working hard on building muscle mass and over all conditioning so the weight hasn't come off the scale as quickly as I wanted it to.  The good news is that I can really see the results in my measurements. So if I was going to give any advice on weight loss, it would be to measure yourself in multiple ways. (Weight, measurements, fit).