Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Listening To Your Body To Get More Energy!

It is surprising the amount of energy it takes the body to process cretin types of food. What is even more surprising is the impact that is has on everything else. Needless to say, burning that much energy can alter your mood and adjust your outlook on things. In short it can mess you up. Poor choices over the weekend during a 16 hour security class/seminar reminded me how important eating the right fuel is.

Saturday I had a limited breakfast. For lunch they provided chips, white bread sandwiches, cookie things and water. To top it off I had a burger and fries from McDonalds for dinner. I know, horrible! That night I paid the price with a total crash and burn. Sunday I tried to move back to the norm with oat meal/flax  for breakfast and an apple as a snack. Sadly, lunch came around and I lost my will power and had a little too much of the pizza and chips that they ordered.  Dinner was chicken with a lower carb/low sugar BBQ sauce and a salad. That nights energy level wasn't as bad as the night before.

Pizza and sandwiches are once in a while foods. If I do consume them then I try to get whole grain bread or dough and add a salad (or something green to my meal). The other items like chips, cookies and McDonalds are extremely rare (ok, not as rare as like but rare but still rare). In the past 10 years it has been my experience that  nasty bad carbs continually cause this horrible energy fluctuation. Now that doesn't mean I can eat lots of the good carbs either. Everything in moderation and it's best to plan their consumption durring the right time so they can be processed efficiently. Over all, it is really important to listen to you body.

"The key to happiness starts with your body's signals. Simply ask yourself right now, "How do you feel?" What you do with the answers you receive may make all the difference when it comes to living a balanced and joy-filled life." - Deepak Chopra

I like to think of my body as an engine. If you want it to be an old slow moving farm truck with a heavy load that huffs and puffs as it moves down the road then you can give it low-grade, less efficient fuel. If you want to be a sports car, well, you give it high-test easy to burn fuel. Simple! I hate to use the race analogy (but I am so going to do it) watch your gauges, pay attention to your fuel and listen to your engine. Life is a long and hard race and you only get to run it once. Lets win it! (insert checkered flags and cheers!)

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