Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Daily Energy: What made today different then yester?

Just a quick post about today's observation. Both emotionally and physically,  I am in a much  better shape today than I was yesterday. Being a mind hacker I started to ask myself, why was today different than yesterday?

Was it because my body was digesting the poor Sunday diet? Did I sleep wrong? Are there other things happening that I'm not aware of? I'm not sure. What I am sure about is that earlier this summer I did have a run of awesome energy days and was able to replicate them. Best of all, I partially documented my findings. Win!

It could have been eating the right foods at the correct time. It could have been drinking my semi-green and semi-evil "Witch's Brew" before the sun reaches its highest point. (lol).  Or it could have been my morning meditation practice. Something that I have been neglecting for the past few weeks.

Although my data might suggest that all of these factors play an important factor in obtaining the desired Ubermench level of energy. Sometimes you have to rely on your gut. I think it all started  with morning meditation. The breathing and relaxing that goes along with meditation helps set the pace for the entire day. Just my 2 cents.

What helps you?