Friday, November 20, 2015

Body/Mind Hack: How I am tricking my stomach and mind

Weight loss hacks with water
Thought I would share my latest body/mind hack experiment. I am on a quest to drop more weight and build more muscle but, I have to be honest with myself, weekends are tough. I tend to be in one place for a long period of time and am offered lots of free food. I tend to eat more than I should or need to and also eat things that probably aren't the right choice.

I understand you have to be strong and resist temptation and all, but there are two problems with this limited way of thinking. The act of eating, or in this case the reasons why you eat, go far deeper then you think. You could eat because you are hungry, thirsty, tired, bored, sad, lacking in some nutrients, or some other sub psychological reasons. It can be super complicated and the best time to review all of the reasons isn't the moment when you are super tired and you have a chocolate cake staring at you.

Anyways, I believe that I over eat or make bad decisions on these days for all of the above reasons. Ok, maybe not sad but you see where I am going with this. Experts have been preaching the goodness of drinking water for weight loss for a long time. Water not only helps combat the need for hydration but also aids in dealing with the some of the chemical/psychological aspects of hunger. Seems like a WIN to me!

Starting this weekend I am adding this water vessel and Benefiber "on the go" to my pack to help give my stomach that hydrated/full feeling. The goal of this experiment is to hack my body/mind so I have an edge when faced with questionable food decisions. I plan to play with the beverage recipe a bit over time. I think I need some salt, so maybe a lower carb V8 juice mix?  I'll post how it goes at a future date.

FYI: Love this Aladdin 18 oz 2-Way lid Water Vessel. It was perfect for this experiment. Here is a link: #heavyzen

What are some ways you deal with hunger?