Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Adding some fiber and fat to my coffee this morning to help get the day started right!

 I added a package of Benefiber On The Go, a little butter and a bit of Coconut Oil to give my coffee some weight this morning. It's kinda down the road of BulletProof Coffee. The fiber is the one thing that is different.

I add this stuff to my water and coffee because it helps you make the right decisions when faced with what to eat.You know what I mean, when you are super starved for various reasons, like you forgot to eat?

As a side note, forgetting meals, for what ever reason, is just a bad idea. (Except for fasting but I will get into that in another post). Your body needs level energy through the day and if you are  a guy like me, you mind takes control and says EAT! Well, by adding this fiber to drinks I have found that it helps curbs hunger.
How do you take your coffee?

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