Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Heavy Zen Taste Test: Low Carb Blueberry Pancakes

Was'nt feeling all that well this morning and that made me want blueberry pancakes. The problem is that pancakes, in general, have way too many carbs. Additionally, since I wasn't feeling well, that meant today wouldn't be a heavy workout day so there's no way I would be able to burn off that added energy.

So for today's taste test post, I decided to give this coconut flour blueberry pancakes recipe, that I found on the Ambitious Kitchens website, a try.

The Verdict: Overall, they are easy to make and tasted pretty good. You really need to pay attention to the cooking instructions as the coconut flour can burn easily. Once I figured out that when you see the pancake bubble, it's the sign to flip it over; the process for getting consistent pancakes was much easier. 

Personally, I would add butter to the wet ingredients. Some of my pancakes came out a little dry, so I think adding butter would help eliminate the dryness and add flavor.